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Dade County Missouri (Page 12&13-Book 1)

     Another church that Reverend W.W. Brown helped organize was the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Madison County, IL.  (Source: M3 - Page 325)
     In 1841 Vandalia Presbytery was divided, the new society was called Goshen. The name Goshen was changed to Columbia. This change came between 13 August 1859 and 22 May 1864. The Columbia is the present name. (There is more about his ministry in Illinois within the body of this chronology.)
     (Source: FMO 5 Pts. 1-2= Dade County, Missouri History of Hickory, Polk Cedar, DADE, and Barton Counties, Missouri) From earliest time to the present, including a department devoted to the preservations of Sunday Personal, Business, Professional and Private records, besides a valuable fund of notes, original observations, etc. Illustrated. Chicago: Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1889.. 967 pages, unindexed.

     27 February 1845 - Margaret was born in Tennessee and given the name of her maternal grandmother. (more history about Margaret and the rest of her siblings at the end of W.W. and Jane's history, covering their married life and descendants.)
     5 February 1847 Nancy Ann was born in Tennessee. Given the name of a favorite aunt or the parents just like the name. (since the first wife no doubt took care of the paternal mother's name)
24 December 1849 Robert W. Brown, how proud, after five daughters, William finally got a son. Assuming the naming custom, he was named for his paternal grandfather. (valuable tool for research) Could it be Robert Washington Brown?
(pt.2 - page 484) Cumberland Presbyterian Church, now of Greenfield. Two of it's ministers, among others, were W.W. Brown and B.F. Logan. (note LP - grandfather Brown carried the name of Cumberland Presbyterian Church throughout his ministry. The B.F. Logan mentioned above was also co-editor with William on the "Ladies Pearl" .........more given later about this. William also named one of his son's after Logan.)

     1850 - W.W. Brown was a minister of the Greenfield, Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Dade, County, MO., in 1850. His ministry was also known and taught as the "Old School". (source: MO.5 pt. 2, page 482)     10 May 1851 Mary E. Brown was born to William and Jane, in Greenfield, Dade, Missouri. She was given the name Mary from the infant Mary that William and Margaret lost. During this era in time, most religions believed that naming another child after a deceased infant, the spirit will again return and dwell in the living child.
     Mary E., is the 7th child of William and Jane's 4th. The first and only child to be born in Greenfield, Dade, Missouri.
Brown, W.W. - Minister of Gospel - age 35 yrs., (1815) born South Carolina
Brown, Jane - Wife                            age 29 yrs., (1821) born North Carolina
Brown, Harriet - daughter                  age 12 yrs., (1838) born Tennessee
Brown, Rachel - daughter                  age 10 yrs., (1840) born Tennessee
Brown, Margaret - daughter               age 5 yrs., (1845)  born Tennessee
Brown, Nancy - daughter                   age 3 yrs., (1847) born Tennessee
Brown, Robert - son                           age 1 yr.,   (1849) born Tennessee
142nd house visited and the 138th person contacted.
Researched in the Salt Lake City Genealogical Library, 10 Feb 1965
Source: 3613 F MO 5, Pt. 2 and page 271 original census enumeration.

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