Saturday, May 16, 2020

Table of Contents (Page 4-Book 1)


1          Brown Castle & Crest & Coat of Arms
2          About these three "Brown History Books"
4          Table of Contents
6          Our first Brown ancestors
8          Reverend William Washington Brown
10        Jane Caldwell McBride
12        Dade County Missouri
14        The Cumberland Presbyterian Ladies Pearl
20        Caseyville, Union, Kentucky
30        Portrait of Rev. W.W. Brown & Wife J.C. [McBride] Brown
36        Cumberland Presbyterian Theological Seminary
45        Sermon notes of Rev. William Washington Brown, DD
84        I walked and listened to Grandpa Brown
86        FGR of W. W. & Margaret Brown
88        Histories & Family Group Records of the children of Rev. W.W. Brown
89        Harriet E. [Brown] Garrison
91        FGR of Margaret M. [Brown] Fike
101      FGR of Nancy Ann [Brown] Price
103      FGR of Robert W. Brown
105      FGR of Mollie E. [Brown] Gill
117      History of William J. Brown
123      FGR of William Jefferson Brown
125      History of James Logan Brown & Martha Brown
126      History of Charles Caldwell Brown
130      FGR of Charles Caldwell Brown
133      Life Graph of Rev. William Washington Brown [chronology]
136      History of John Dennis Brown
145      Mine disaster at Clay, Webster, Ky...William, Edward & Dewey Brown
151      History of William, Edward & Dewey Brown
153      John Dennis Brown, deceased
155      Letters (1944) from Lillie [Pride] Brown to great grand daughter Louise
173      Lillie Elsarlee [Pride] Brown, deceased
177      Bible Record of Lillie E. Brown
180      FGR of John Dennis Brown
181      FGR of Charles McBride Brown
183      Histories & Family Group Records: Children of John D. & Lillie Brown
185      Grace Truman [Brown] White
188      FGR of Grace T. [Brown] Baker - White
189      History of Lenna Elsarlee [Brown] Wingfield
191      FGR of Lenna E. [Brown] Wingfield
192      History of Jesse Pride Brown
193      History of Lillie Margaret [Brown] Culley
199      FGR of Lillie M. [Brown] Culley
201      Letter to Louise from Gussie [Culley] Ezelle
209      Letter to Louise from Ned Culley
211      Pedigree Chart from Louise thru the last known Brown ancestor


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