Saturday, May 16, 2020

BROWN (Page 5-Book 1)

     Who was the first man "BROWN", the very first He did create.
Who bore that name upon the earth, and where's the place that gave him birth?

     Was he a warrior, bold and brave, was he a freeman or a slave?
And did he go where others led, or blaze the way himself instead.

     And give and take the sturdy blows, that gained him friends, or made him
     T'is much we'd give these facts to know, who was the man "BROWN" come he so?

     It may have been in days of old, some robber chieftain, fierce and bold.
Entrenched himself in some strong place, and levied tribute on his race!

     And when his earthly work was done, his heir was called "BROWN'S"
Or else, perchance, some Robin good, like England's famous Robin Hood.

     Who spoiled the baron's herds and flocks, and gave unto the common
     Who loved him for the good he'd won, and wrought this title for his son!
But whether these be facts or not, upon this earthly garden spot.
     Once dwelt a man to fame unknown, the first to call this name his own.

But vain we've sought in modern lore, and musty legends long before.
     In eastern homes, in Western lands, In frozen North and Southern strands.

To try and search the fellow out; Remove the last and lingering doubt.
Of who we are, from whence we sprung, what language was our mother tongue?
     But whether he was Dennis or Charles, or Ken or Bob we do not know.
But we are looking for the chap---and want to get him on the map.
     And line him up and have it known, We've come at last into our own.
But to date he shies us still--mayhap 'twill be he ever will.
     But we are following back his trail, and feel assured we will not fail.
To land somewhere be it near or far, and hitch him to the family car.
     And trot him out and give him place, as ANCESTOR--of all BROWN'S!

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