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Caseyville, Union, Kentucky

     Board of publication by Brown and Perrin, removed to Nashville, Tennessee. In September 1875 the publications of "OUR FAITH" was begun at Alton. (so William went back to Tennessee before or after Missouri?)

1880 Census of Caseyville, Union County, Kentucky*Brown, William W. - (Presbyterian Minister) - 65years of age - born in South Carolina
*Brown, Jane C. - 59 - North Carolina
*Brown, Rachel J. - 39 - D. - Tennessee
*Brown, John D. - 26 - single - Missouri
*Charles C. - 19 - single - Illinois

     The census states that both of Williams parents were born in South Carolina. And Jane's father was born in South Carolina and her mother in North Carolina. Under marital status, there is a "D" for Rachel. Was she divorced? Under occupation: Rachiel, preaching with her father. John D., a farmer and Charles, at home.
     This census was taken 15 June 1880. The 77th home and person visited. Recorded on page 599.
     Excerpt taken from a letter written by Charles Price Brown, 4 November 1964 to Louise Porter: "In addition to the few answers to your questionnaire that I can furnish, I will give you some other information which I believe will be of interest to you. On the 9th day of June 1880, G.B. and J. Simpson deeded to W.W. Brown, and at his death to John D. Brown and Charles C. Brown a tract of land which is now part of the farm owned by my brother, and which I commonly refer to as the "Home Place". My father told me that the reason for he and Uncle John being deeded the land was that they agreed to take care of Grandfather and Grandmother in their later years. In 1883, Uncle John and dad purchased from Mr. Burchett an additional tract of land adjoining that described above. On the 14th day of May 1884, dad purchased Uncle John's interest in these two tracts of land.  This deed is re-recorded on March 6, 1890, in Deed Book #41 of Union County, Kentucky.
- William and his family was in Boardly, Union, Kentucky. He was teaching in what is called the Anderson Presbytery. In 1885 he moved to Webster County, Kentucky and owned a farm near Providence, now the Joe Truman land.
     1886 - William was Pastor of the Church at Shilah (Lisman) in Webster County, and organizes a church in Providence. In 1887 he organized a church at Rosecreek and Sullivan. His last church was in Sturgis.
     Letter from Eleanor Booth;
 "I do not know anyone who remembers grandpa Brown now since mama and aunt Ratie are both gone. I had some other things but have misplaced them lately and I can't find them.
     I gave Curtis Booth the book (?) this fall because he wanted it and as I came near dying last fall, I knew he would never get it and no one to see that he did. There were no records in it just dates. This is badly written, but since my trip to the hospital, I cant even spell or write either and I do not know anyone left to tell us more. Me, I can just barely remember him and when he died, enough.
     I do not know if this will be any help or not, but these dates are true. Some things I have misplaced and can't find.
                                              With My Love, Eleanor"
Note by Louise: Eleanor Booth died September 1966, just a few days after she wrote the above letter. She was a sweet lady, and always answered my letters. I contribute the majority of credit to her for the successful history we now have of our grandfather William Washington Brown and his children.
     My grandmother, Stella May McEuen Brown and Eleanor were school chums and she speaks of her with affection. Eleanor never married...She is a granddaughter of Margaret Brown Garrison.
     Letter from C.P. Brown, s/o C.C. Brown:
"I copied birth and marriage dates from my grandfather, W.W. Brown's Bible in cousin Ratie's possession. Ratie is the d/o Margaret. The bible was given to her niece Eleanor Booth and she has it as of 4 November 1964.

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