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Till We Meet Again....

My grandfather, Charles McBride Brown, s/o John Dennis Brown gave me the following information in 1954: The Presbyterian Church in Sturgis is found on Kelsey Street. It has in it's stained glass window the names of it's former Pastors. W.W. Brown is one of them.
This window was removed from the old church and installed in the new one. The old church was called, "The Old School, Presbyterian Church". This church is now called the first Presbyterian Church and is sometimes called the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

The stained glass window with Reverend William Washington Brown, D.D., set in.........Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Kelsey Street, Sturgis, Ky.
Daddy Brown, as I called my grandfather gave me this list of the churches his grandfather preached:
1856 - The Cumberland Presbyterian - Upper Alton, Madison, IL.
1859 - The Columbia Presbyterian - Upper Alton, Madison, IL.
1868 - The Anderson Presbytery - Caseyville, Union, Ky.
1884 - The Anderson Presbytery - Boardley, Union, Ky.
1885 - The Anderson Presbytery - Providence, Webster, Ky.
1886 - The Anderson Presbytery - Shilah, Lisman, Webster
1887 - The Anderson Presbytery - Rosecreek

William Washington Brown, D.D. Died 8 February 1894 in his home at Sturgis, Union, Kentucky..............

     Charles Price Brown writes: "While I was at home to vote at the Pride Precinct in Union County, my brother and I visited grandpa and grandma's grave site. I understand that the small cemetery is known as Mt. Pleasant.
     The marker is in fairly good condition, with grandpa's name on one side and grandma's on the other. The side facing the grave contains no writing but there are small foot markers with initials for each grave. The cemetery has long been abandoned and has grown up with trees and bushes. I am sending you a map showing the location.

Jane Caldwell McBride-Brown died three & one-half years after her beloved William, in her home at Sturgis, Kentucky
21 September 1897............

James Logan Brown is said to have died around 1904
Nancy Ann Brown died 24 April 1917
Robert W. Brown died May 1919
Margaret M. Brown-Fike died 26 August 1925
John Dennis Brown died 19 January 1935 (my great grandfather)
Mary E. Brown-Gill died 7 June 1936

Death Record for Mary Gill --------------------------------->

William Jefferson Brown died 26 January 1945
Charles Caldwell Brown died 10 November 1945, just 10 months after his brother.

Relationships of correspondence:
Eleanor Booth is a granddaughter of Margaret M. Brown-Fike.
Katherine Carney is the daughter of Mary E. Brown-Gill
Willie Brown-Watson is the daughter of William Jefferson Brown.
Nora Harvey is the daughter of Nancy Ann Brown-Price
Charles Price Brown is the son of Charles Caldwell Brown.

Billie Jean Brown-Hem is the daughter of Oliver Dennis Brown grandson of William.

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