Saturday, May 16, 2020

Reverend William Washington Brown (Page 8-Book 1)

     William Washington Brown was born and raised in South Carolina, 23 October 1814, according to the census reports, however, we must remember that during this era even a child could give the census enumerator this information, but the facts must be reported here even if we prove it wrong later. His grandson and granddaughter wrote that W.W. was born in North Carolina!

 the first son was named after the father's father, second son after the mother's father, the third son after the father and the forth son after his richest uncle.
    William's family was European and they had a naming custom that most adhered to until the end of the nineteenth century.......................
     The first daughter was named after the mother's mother, the second daughter after the father's mother, the third daughter after the mother and the fourth daughter after a favorite aunt.
     If they did follow this popular custom, William's father would be Robert W. Brown (perhaps Robert Washington Brown) and his mother Rachiel J., if they used this custom? Since the third son was given the father's name of William, it appears they did. This is a good research clue while tracing the parents of William and Jane.

CENSUS TAKER: "Good morning, madam; I'm taking the census."
OLD LADY: "The what?"
CENSUS TAKER: "The c-e-n-s-u-s!"
OLD LADY: "For Ian's sake! What with tramps takin' everytin they kin lay their hands on, young folks takin' fortygrafs of ye without so much as askin', an' impudent fellows coming round' as wants ter take yer senses, pretty soon there won't be nothin' left ter take, I'm thinking."

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