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About these Brown Family Histories... (Book 1)

Books assembled and put together with much care and love by my grandmother Pearl Louise Sessions Porter.
Kept safe by my Uncle Todd Milton Hurst and transferred to a blog version by myself Tycie Alane Hurst Doyle, Granddaughter of Pearl Louise Sessions Porter.

I present three books covering the history of four generations of Brown's.

  • BOOK ONE covers the life of Reverend William Washington and Jane Caldwell McBride-Brown of 1814, to his son John Dennis and Lillie Elsarlee Pride-Brown of 1853.
  • BOOK TWO covers the life of his son, Charles McBride and Stella May McEuen-Brown of 1883.
  • BOOK THREE covers the life of Ora Pearl Brown-Sessions-Sorenson 1908 (my  mother) the end of the surname "Brown".
     The full histories and genealogies of the children and their descendants of Ora Pearl Brown-Sessions-Sorenson is in the process of being written (1994).
     Look for it's assigned GS# in the Salt Lake City, Family History Center, Library Catalog under "Author-Title Section" Porter, Louise Sessions - Brown Family History."
     Each book presents certificates, letters, genealogy and histories of that person and their descendants.
     I have several other Allied Family Histories to these Brown's in the Salt Lake City, Family History Center that covers the same format as these Brown Histories.
McEuen Family History - GS# 1,421,955. 1 Book - over 900 pages.
Mentelle Family History - GS# 1,597,552. 1 Book - over 300 pages.
Orton Family History - GS# 1,597,957. 2 Books - over 600 pages.
     I (Louise Sessions Porter) held a recording of session with my mother (Ora Pearl Brown-Sessions-Sorenson) November 1985 and taped everything she remembered about her Brown ancestors, parents to her children.
     I quite enjoyed this taping session with mom, she has a unique personality and a quick wit, a Brown trait, she made this effort most enjoyable. My mother died this past September I now cherish hearing her voice on these tapes.
     My folks taught me, as I'm sure they were taught that children were to be "seen and not heard" ...As a child I was always asking questions, wanting to know about this and that and was chastised many times for asking so many questions. I think it did not annoy my mother as much as my father. Since I have grown up I have learned that it was a very desirable asset and it has been the biggest contribution towards these autobiographies.
     Coupled with this trait was my desire to impart to my children what I have learned of their ancestors. These two traits are in a great measure responsible for this history. Genealogical work is to me both attractive and fascinating. Yet I have found that it involves hour of hard work and concentration.

    It's disappointments are only surmounted by the feeling of pleasure in seeing this work progress. By profession, I am a Nurse and not all that skilled in writing, so please bear with this amateur and enjoy this study of our Brown Families.

Here's our Brown Story, page by page
Happy youth, old and middle age;
Smile and tear drop, weal and woe,
Such as all who live must know.
Here it is all written down,
Not for glory or renown.
But the hope when I am gone;
Those who bravely follow on
Meeting care, pain and grief,
Will not falter in belief.
(author, in part, unknown)

To the right is a picture of my mother and myself
taken in Salem, Utah
February 11, 1990.

Louise Sessions Porter
584 North Windsor Road
Price, Utah 84501
(801) 637-5327

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