Saturday, May 16, 2020

William Washington Brown (Page 9-Book 1)

WILLIAM WASHINGTON BROWN'S first wife Margaret was also born in South Carolina, according to the census reports. Perhaps they grew up together, fell in love and were married in Tennessee in 1837 a young couple in their early twenties.
     If this record is correct, then William and perhaps his parents were in Tennessee before 1837 and stayed until after 1849 when his first son (Robert) was born in 1839.
     27 March 1838..........Reverent William W. Brown married a couple in Montgomery County, TN.
(Source:42062 F Tenn MIDe - pt 1 - page 2 and taken from the first index)
     It has been speculated that William and his family came to Nashville, TN., when they left the Virginia's. Nashville in Davidson, County and is a neighbor to Montgomery, County to the north. Perhaps Reverend Brown traveled there to perform the ceremony. I'm sure the marriage records of Davidson and Montgomery Counties could provide a wealth of information about our grandfather Brown.
     If Margaret's parents used the naming custom then we can calculate her mother's name to be Harriet. She didn't have a son so no clues there.
     William and Margaret had three daughters; Harriet E., Rachiel J., and Mary A., all born in Tennessee.
     Harriet was the only one to marry. Rachiel loved to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and when old enough was a constant companion with her father. One census reported her occupation as, "preaching with her father" ...............perhaps William occasionally preached the circuit.
     One of our greatest joys in life is to be a mother and watch with pride as our children grow and mature................unfortunately, Margaret was not to be so blessed. She died on a cold day, 19 February 1842 in Tennessee along with her baby, Mary A., during childbirth. Margaret was circa 29 years of age. Mother and baby are buried in Tennessee.

Map of Tennessee in 1830

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