Saturday, May 16, 2020

Reverend J.R. Brown (Page 7-Book 1)

      Reverend J.R. Brown, D.D, of Nashville, Tennessee was in several other states with our William Washington Brown, who was also a Reverend with a degree of Doctor of Deity. They worked together as editors of the "Ladies Pearl" in Missouri, a religious publication.
     Could this be William's father or brother? If so, then we might begin our research in Nashville as the possible residence of William!!!! The following information was taken from: Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1796-1887. By B.W. McDonald, Nashville, TN. Board of publication of Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1888. 687 pp. Indexed.
     Page 460 - The consolidated organ was located at Nashville and the Rev. J.R. Brown D.D., was appointed editor. Among his accomplishments:
Author of "Lights On The Way" page 460
Editor of Cumberland Presbyterian, page 594
Editor of Saint Louis Observer, page 603
Editor of "The Ladies Pearl" page 603
Lights to Guide the Way was issued in 1879 by Dr. J.R. Brown.
     There is more history given concerning their editorship further into this history and other reason's to consider this relationship.

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