Saturday, May 16, 2020

Jane Caldwell McBride (Page 10-Book 1)

JANE CALDWELL McBRIDE................was born, 5 March 1821. Bible records of William Washington Brown may have recorded Jane's birthplace as South Carolina???? Her son Charles Caldwell Brown reported from memory that his mother was born in South Carolina and the census reports her as born in South Carolina. However, her granddaughter Katherine Carney said that Jane came to this county with her parents when she was 2 years old from Ireland and settled in South Carolina!
     Using the naming custom again; (as stated in the blog post: Jane's mother would be Margaret after their first daughter and John after her father. (A 2nd great granddaughter of this couple, Billie Jean Brown-Hem has done a study of the McBride family and has found material that indicates a John and Margaret McBride are indeed the parents of Jane) When I first started research on my Brown ancestors I thought that Jane and William had named their first daughter after his deceased wife, Margaret, which is quite charitable for a second wife to do!!! Now it's obvious that they took the maternal mother's name.
     Did the Brown and McBride family know one another in South Carolina? Did the McBride's migrate to Tennessee? One way or another, Jane and William were married in Tennessee, 18 April 1844.
     In a letter written to Louise S. Porter, 8 January 1965, Katherine Carney said, "Grandfather Wm Brown was trained as a dentist as well as a minister. For years I kept his old dentist tools."
(note by Louise;       William Washington Brown did have a degree in Doctor of Deity........and his name was written as William W. Brown, D.D., and could very easily be mistaken for Doctor of Dentistry. Maybe he did layman dentistry and these were the tools that Katherine had?)

William and Jane had three children born in Tennessee. Margaret, Nancy and Robert. (I am assuming that this information came from Grandpa's Bible, however most Bible records don't give the place of birth?) If the record is correct, then they left Tennessee after Robert was born in 1849 and before Mary (the 2nd) was born in 1851 in Greenfield, Dade, Missouri.

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