Saturday, May 16, 2020

Our First Brown Ancestors (Page 6-Book 1)

"The Brown Family......a large group of them sailed from Northern Ireland to Pennsylvania and made their way through Virginia into western North Carolina."
     This was told to the granddaughter of William and Jane Brown and passed to Billie Jean Brown-Hem, a 2nd great granddaughter.

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     "Along with the information that I (Charles Price Brown) copied from Grandpa William W. Brown's Bible is a set of notes that my father (Charles Caldwell Brown) gave me from memory when he was approximately 75 years old. Part of this may be correct. According to his memory, Jane Caldwell McBride, his mother, was born in Couth Carolina and his grandfather McBride was red-headed Scotchman..........Also according to dad's memory, his father William Washington Brown, was born in North Carolina, and his grandfather Brown was a Dutchman and his grandmother Brown was of Irish descent."
     This information was taken from a letter written by W.W. Brown's grandson, Charles Price Brown to Louise Sessions Porter, 4 November 1964.
     Katherine Carney, granddaughter of W.W. and Jane said that Jane was born in Scotland and came to the States with her parents when she was two years old and they settled in the opposite Carolina where the Brown family settled.
     Eleanor Booth another granddaughter said, "I cannot find where I found my McBride information.....gave away a lot of things, and now no one to ask! This is all I seem to remember." Eleanor contributed a lot of the foregoing history from the old Brown Bible she possessed at one time.........................

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